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Trip Reports

September 20 Boardman: Forks to Brown Bridge Landing

 | Published on 9/20/2015
This was the pre-party paddle (try saying that three times!) the morning of the TAPC annual meeting.  We ended up with a terrific group of seven: Debby & Mike, Jill, Allen, Glenn, John & me (Lois).  Heading downstream from the Forks was SO peaceful - Glenn remarked about how lucky we are to live only 25 minutes from the access.  We all decided that river sandal season is now over, if you are doing a morning trip.  It was a bit chilly (48 when we began, 73 at the end), so those of us who had the foresight to put on boots before we left home were happy with our decision.
On the other hand, mid-September is now the time we can leave the insect repellent behind, but it's a good idea to take a bag of dump clothes, just in case.  Everyone kept the open side up, so there was no need to use the extra clothes we all had.  But I did put on several extra layers at the beginning (plus a warm hat and gloves), gradually removing them as we headed downstream.  Allen spotted a beaver between Scheck's and Brown Bridge Landing.  John, Glenn and I all spotted Betsy and Steve Duede at the fishing access off of the Muncie Lakes ski trail; they were doing their trail cleanup for the North Country Trail Association (which includes this pathway).  Other than them, we saw only two fishermen, and two dogs playing in the river at the beginning of the old pond area.
Special thanks go to a variety of the participants:
Debby & Mike - for leaving an extra car at the takeout to be used for the shuttle after the trip was over
Allen & Jill - for being willing to meet at BBL, transferring his boat to her car so that the drivers didn't have to crowd into one car at the end.
Everyone - for being so early that we were on the river ten minutes before the designated time.
Glenn - for jumping into the water thigh deep to help me get into my solo canoe without stepping into the river - what a guy!
Allen & Glenn - for standing in the water when I arrived at the takeout
Mike - for pulling me up onto the platform
Debby - for taking the lead
John - for taking photos and adding them to this report (which he does every single time we write up one of these)
John & Winston Walton
Marlene Puska
Dee Crawford
Jackie & Bella Anderson
Lois Goldstein