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Trip Reports

July 31 Manistee River Rainbow Jim's to 131 Roadside Park

 | Published on 7/31/2016
This trip featured the return of Marv, our favorite shuttle bunny, for an actual paddle. It was nice to have him back on the water with us. His good wife Marlene attended along with Henry, Jocelyn, Leigh, Mark G, Bob F, Lois, Pam, Harold and your trip host/report author Tracie.
Now, mind you, this is my second attempt at writing up this report. After penning an eloquent, lengthy description, I hit the return key to add the last line........ & It. All. Disappeared.... into thin ethernet! I screamed in frustration, ranted, raved & generally threw a fit but did not chuck the laptop out the window so...... here it goes again, shorter, rougher, simpler.
We had a lovely paddle, overcast sky, a light mist to start which cleared up within the first few minutes. First lunch, stretching our legs at Lucas Road access about a quarter of the way done. Lois & Leigh chose a delightful spot for 2nd lunch where a broad stream split as it entered the river forming a small island, including a beach with room enough for all the boats.
Throughout the trip there were Cedar Wax Wings flitting over our heads catching bugs with great acrobatic skill while Red Cardinal flowers nodded their heads in the breeze with amazement at the flight show. Young mergansers ducked in & out of the reeds playing hide & seek.
  Stories were told, retold, & listened to while the river provided the background music. The day was just right, resulting in a relaxing journey for all.
  Due to the shuttle planning wizardry of Lois, the end of the trip was as easy as it could be with an efficient dispersal of boats, equipment & people to their destinations. A few back home, the remainder to the Fife Lake Inn for a hearty repast, libations & reflection.
Submitted....finally......intact......with relief by Tracie