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Traverse Area Paddle Club

Remember: all TAPC outings are listed on our event calendar and are color coded using this scheme:


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HomeMember Rights & Responsibilities

                                            Traverse Area Paddle Club
                                     Member Rights and Responsibilities
                                                            Revised - September 19, 2015 

1. The purpose of this document is to create an atmosphere where all members can feel comfortable, enjoy paddling and do so safely.

2. All members will be considerate and respectful of each other and will behave in a manner that promotes the good name of the TAPC.

3. No TAPC member will knowingly discriminate against, abuse, harass, ridicule or embarrass anyone participating in a paddle.

4. The TAPC website is available to all members. Access to post trips will be granted to any dues paying member upon request to any board member. Access may be removed after one year of non-use but otherwise can only be removed or restricted by a majority vote of the board and would only occur in the case of gross misuse of the website.

5. No changes or deletions will be made to a trip posting or a trip report by anyone except the original poster. The details of all trips (time, information included in the posting, cancellation policy, capacity, time limit for registration, etc.) are at the discretion of each trip host.  In an emergency situation, the webmaster may use his or her discretion to take down inappropriate content.

6. Any member can request that any paddling related information be posted to the website.

7. Any member can request that any concern they may have be addressed at a board meeting. Any concerns presented will be discussed at the next board meeting and the decision/resolution will be reported in the minutes.

8. Any member who registers for a club event is responsible for being prompt, and prepared with equipment and experience suitable for the outing as it was described in the event view. They should be familiar with the document “Guidelines for trip participants” on the TAPC website.

9. Registrants are expected to remain with the group on the waterway, participate with car shuttles and do the trip that the leader planned.

10. Any member who offers to host an event should be familiar with the document GUIDELINES FOR HOSTING TRIPS; revised 2015