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Trip Reports

August 23, 2014 - 2nd Annual 6 River Sweep

Norm R Fred  | Published on 8/24/2014
August 23, 2014 - 2nd Annual 6 River Sweep
This event is normally led by Ethan Winchester of the Boyne Mountain
Fly Fishing Guide Service. But Ethan lost his house to a fire last winter
and the BRCS offered to take the lead this year so this great event
continued to go forward.
All but the Pigeon River were cleaned this year. 
The Bear by the Tip of the MITT Watershed Counsel.
The Sturgeon by the BRCS
The Jordan by the Friends of the Jordan.
The Boyne by the Friends of the Boyne.
The Maple by the Miller Van-Winkle TU Chapter of Petoskey.
The Pigeon River was skipped this year due to a dam removal.
There was a small after party at the Thirsty Sturgeon in Wolverine after the events.
Here are some pictures of the events.
Sturgeon River:
 There were only 2 TAPC members present but the local people stepped
up and we ended up with 10 people.  Two did their work from TUBES!

Amazingly, they found and RETRIEVED more trash than the rest of us.
The Group in Wolverine
 Thanks to Jamie from Sturgeon River Paddlesports for our shuttle.
 On the river.
  On the river.
  On the river.
  On the river.
 Trash dropped off at Scott Rd.
 Trash dropped off at S. White Bridge Rd.
 Trash at Rondo Landing with all the rest, too.
We found 7 of these and removed one of them from the river.
We'll go back some day and get the rest.
We hate these things in our rivers.
This was a nice group of experienced people who know this river like
the back of their hand.  It was a pleasure to work with them today.
The BRCS would like to thank BRIAN O'CONNOR of the Wolverine Cabinet Co.
for a very generous donation to help with the food and drinks for the after party
at the THIRSTY STURGEON on Scott Rd in Wolverine.
Also, Thanks to The BIG BEAR Canoe Livery of Indian River for helping
with the pick up and disposal of the trash.
By  Norm Fred
The Maple River
Greg Walz, president of the Miller Van-Winkle TU chapter in Petoskey
sent me these pictures from his very successful project.


A few pics from Miller-Van Winkle TU clean up along the West Branch Maple River.

Our crew was Ed Davis, Steve Radecki and Charles Wilson.

Ed and Charles in the photo.

We had several hundred pounds of trash and 6 tires all collected from

river access and camp sites on state land.

Thanks for making this happen.

Greg Walz - Miller Van Winkle Trout Unlimited - Petoskey
Friends Of The Jordan

Link to PDF IMAGE from the F.O.J.


Bear River Cleanup 2014

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

Many hands made light work today at the Healing the Bear - Bear River Cleanup

A big thank you to everyone that volunteered.

Taken at 10th Healing the Bear


Bear River Cleanup

Our thanks to the leaders of this great event to make the Bear a beautiful river again.

Submitted by Dan Myers

Additional Notes:
Follow up Report on the Sturgeon River
Locations and notes on the post flood debris found Aug 23, 2014
The locations for the dock sections we found on the Sturgeon are here:
Sttire  N45.28672 W84.60398

  Tire in about 4-6 feet of water mid-river.  Probably partially buried.
  Would likely need a swimmer and grappling hook.

Stwire  N45.29263 W84.60825

  Wire rope (~ 1/4") affixed to river bottom near base of large willow
  tree @ Thirsty Sturgeon.  Cut with bolt cutters slightly below grade
  prob best option.

Stdk1  N45.29259 W84.60873

  Dock section right across from Thirsty Sturgeon's landing pretty well
  embedded into log jam on far side. (River right)

Sttank  N45.31002 W84.61956

  Large blue "pressure tank" about the size of a 55 gal. drum.  Partially
  buried in muck, river right.

Stsmdk  N45.31019 W84.62070
  Small dock on river left

Stply  N45.31904 W84.62001

  Plywood pinned against log jam just upstream of a downed tree.  May
  have additional boards/structure but only face of plywood was visible.
  Fast water as I recall.  Downstream of Wendy's house.

Stdk2  N45.32938 W84.62613

  Medium dock pulled out on 23-Aug-2014 cleanup, left on river right at
  marked spot.