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Trip Reports

Sept. 14 Pine cleanup for 9/11 community service: Pete to Low

 | Published on 9/14/2014
Very high fast water today, which made going after stuff a bigger challenge than normal.  The river was running at about 280 CFS, just about the highest level for the past few months.  It was a cool day, but at least the sun came out.  Glad I brought a good set of dry clothing, since in crossing a funky eddy line, a rogue wave decided to tumble over the side of my kayak cockpit.  Sitting in a couple of inches of water is CHILLY!  Also glad that I had my pump handy - I hadn't used it on my own boat in a while.  And the large kitchen bag kept at the top of my dry bag - great to stand on while changing to dry togs.
We picked up the usual assortment of cans, bottles and food waste.  We also lost, then found one of our own kayak paddles.  Thank goodness for white blades.  And we managed to pick up several cans that we witnessed being purposely thrown into the river.
We have cleaned this section of the Pine 3 times this season, and the pickings were a lot slimmer this time around.  Special thanks to all TAPC members who have helped keep our favorite river clean; Mother Nature could not be more thrilled with you!
Narrative by Lois.  Photos by Jocelyn, the cleanup queen
At the start:
Gerald, Susan, Jocelyn, Lois, Jackie, Linda and Marvin - photographed by Mark Miltner, the owner of Pine River Paddlesports Center, our ever-reliable shuttle provider
 This group finished the trip with smiling faces: Linda, Jackie, Lois, Marvin & Jocelyn
 The river was high!  They don't call this Low Bridge for nothing.