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Trip Reports

May 28 Boardman from Shumsky to Beitner

 | Published on 5/28/2015
This turned out to be an easy afternoon trip close to home, with several highlights.
1.  This was my first time paddling a kayak on a river since the three screws were installed in the upper part of my humerus (just below the shoulder) earlier this spring.  Paddling turned out to be fairly easy, since I was able to use the current to my advantage, and not really paddle that much (except for correction strokes).  What a relief!  I could perform ferries easily and also eddy out when necessary.  Most of my shoulder pain involves sideways motions, and paddling is mostly forward and backward.
2.  We decided at the beginning to clean up whatever debris we could find (at Jocelyn's urging), in anticipation of lousy weather for the upcoming Boardman River Clean Sweep.  Not a lot of stuff - about 1/2 bag.
3.  About 45 minutes downstream from Shumsky, there was a downed tree that  totally blocking the river.  John and Jim proceeded to cut a narrow path so people with good paddling skills can pass through.  Mike T and I sat out in the sun (it was hot!) while the lumberjacks were at work.  Later we called the folks at Grand Traverse Conservation District, so they will come out with a chainsaw to improve the situation.
4.  Most of us adjourned to Outback Steakhouse for dinner afterwards.  Yummy!  Jocelyn was careful to keep her bag of leftovers wrapped up and away from Max, who apparently had quite a feast the last time.
Written by Lois; photography by John and Jocelyn