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Trip Reports

August 22, 2015 - 6 River Cleanup - Sturgeon River

 | Published on 8/22/2015
Saturday -  August 22, 2015 - 6 River Cleanup - Sturgeon River
This year for the very first time, Wendy and Mark Young of Wolverine who
are home owners on the Sturgeon, planned, organized, recruited and
led the entire Sturgeon River Cleanup.   They did GREAT!!!!!!
There were a few little problems which they figured out and took care of easily.
We cleaned three sections, including the Trowbridge Rd section for the first time.
These photos tell the story:
 There were 16 of us and we cleaned three sections.
David with our trash at Scott Rd.

 David with the "clean" 55 gallon barrel we pulled out of the river
 David and Wendy dropping the barrel off at her house.
 John with the steel wire cable we cut out of the river with our Sawzall.

 We have more work to do here but there were too many people on the
river today to be pulling ropes across this narrow spot.
 We missed some folks who left early but here is our and their trash at Rondo Landing.
 The Trobridge Crew's trash haul.  
This section was done with two tubes, a kayak and a 14'canoe.
John H. doing his usual best on the Rondo Landing to S. White Bridge section.
 The Rondo to S White crew with their trash haul.
 The Rondo to S White group had lunch at the BS Company but because of
a local car show, that bar got too crowded, so Wendy invited the rest of us over
for beer and pizza and we had fun eating, talking and rescuing people who
dumped in front of her house.
Thanks to all the volunteers who worked hard to get the Sturgeon back
to being the beautiful river we all love.
We all want to thank Wendy and Mark for their great work and dedication to
the Sturgeon River and for their amazing hospitality.
The Sturgeon is in good hands.
 Submitted by Norm Fred
Maple River Report
5 Miller VanWinkle TU volunteers covered a stretch of the Maple River
from the TU lot on Brutus Road down to the sand traps location. In
addition to wading the river, we cleaned-up the area of state land from
the TU lot down to the property line and also the access points at the
upper & lower sand traps off Brutus Road.

Not a lot of trash-a good thing-and most was collected from cleaning-up
the parking & access locations. I'd say 15 pounds max.

Submitted by Greg Walz
The Bear River - Petoskey
Tip Of The Mitt Watershed Council

Hey Ethan,


The Bear River had 126 volunteers. We cleaned 10.5 river miles

plus 9 additional road crossings of the Bear River, Springbrook

Creek, and Hay Marsh Creek.


I’m not sure what weight of garbage and recyclables we

had – at least a few hundred pounds.


Our largest two items were a waterlogged 8’ pallet and an 8’ railroad rail.

Somehow volunteers fit both of these in a single canoe.


Our items this year were kind of lame. Our most unique might

have been some chairs.


We had two tires.


Here are some photos.


Submitted By Dan Myers