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Trip Reports

August 27, 2015 - Golden Cedar River Cleanup With Jay's Sporting Goods Crew

Norm R Fred  | Published on 8/27/2015


August 27, 2015 - Golden Cedar River Cleanup With Jay's Sporting Goods Crew


When Emily Bennett at Jay's of Clare asked if the BRCS would help them do a river

cleanup on a river in their area, I was only too happy to help.

With the help of Glenn Isenhart at Ike's Mobile Kayak Rentals (989-750-5251)
in Midland, we chose the Golden Cedar River In Gladwin which is north of
Clare and closer to us.
Ron Krahner who owns the launch property let us park there for FREE.
As far as we know, this river has never been cleaned and it showed it.
We found an illegal dump site and some docks that we will come back
to attack later or next year.


Four Jay's folks, 5 TAPC folks and Glenn showed up to do the work.



 Brittany and Trista were the first to get a full bag and a TIRE.




 We decided that MAX should get a BRCS T-shirt since he has been to more

BRCS events than most of the TAPC members.



 The trash was no match for Jocelyn's grabber- and there was lots of it.



 Emily and Audrey did great in the Mad River.



 Brittany and Trista worked well together considering Brittany had

never been in a canoe before today.

Norm and Tom struggled with this sunken float tube but finally got
it out of the river for good.

This Spiny Soft-shell is happily warming himself in the intermittent sunshine.


 We have seen some odd things on the river but this takes the cake!



This is what we found in just 4+ miles of river.


 We knew we had found a lot of trash but it was sort of shocking

when we got to the takeout and put it all together.



 The City of Gladwin Parks Dept had offered to let us use their dumpster but we

didn't have a way to transport this much trash to it so we asked the

Riverwalk Hotel if we could use their dumpsters and they said YES!



 Then we ate!!!!!!


I want to thank Emily Bennett, Trista, Brittany and Audrey for coming

out and getting quite dirty doing such a great job on the Cedar today.

Tracie, Jacalyn, Tom, Jocelyn and Ike did a great job too.
I hope we will be able to continue this project with even more Jay's
folks and also some of their customers sometime in the future.
 We GPS marked and photographed two pieces of debris and an
illegal dump site along the river today.
Here are the photos and locations of these pieces of debris.
1.  Illegal Dump Site
44.00346, -84.52345
This is an area on river right (RR) that is on the bank and possibly at the top of the
bank. It's an old site and there are no very large items there.  Just old cans,
bottles and plastic.  I got all the materials on the lower bank, so it looks ok but
up on the higher banks there is still a lot of debris to remove.  Maybe 4 bags full.
2.  Square Dock Section
44.00356, -84.52015
This one was in the river (RR), so we flipped it up on shore so it didn't
float away in a flood period


3.  Ramp Ladder

43.99654, -84.51231


 We left this one where it was on RR.

We hope to come back to get these places cleaned up at some future time.
Submitted by Norm Fred