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Trip Reports

September 5 Upper Pine River

 | Published on 9/5/2015

Nine of us, Linda W, Marlene, Carrie, Linnaea, Tracie, John H, Lois, Glenn and Jackie, found the put-in, arrived on time & despite the crowded conditions due to two other groups, our shuttle & launch went off without nary a hiccup.  Val was her usual gracious self as our van driver & made off with homemade booty for her crew provided by Jackie along with some store bought goodies from Lois.  Glenn provided his muscle to help each paddler launch safely.  John H was the event photographer & got some great pics of us in action.  Linnaea recorded some of the flora & fauna in her snaps of nature.


The water was higher than normal, so less dancing & dodging was needed through the rock gardens.  A nice relaxing lunch was enjoyed by all after sliding in the back door at Upper Skookum.  A quiet trip down the river followed lunch as we spent the rest of the trip traversing the Neboshone area.  Walker was the end of the line.  The only casualty of the day was an over eager Bella dog, who tried a leap from the bow of Jackie's kayak & ended with a belly flop in the river. 


Report by Jackie Anderson

A few photos by John and Glenn
From left to right
Tracie, Linda, Marlene, Jackie and Bella, Carrie, Glenn, Lois, Lennaea, John with Val from PRPC behind the camera
Notice Glenn standing in the cold river helping everyone get in.
Jackie and her guide dog Bella
This is what spider webs look like after a heavy fog.
 Glenn and Carrie entering a small riffle
Carrie executes a sharp turn
According to Linnaea this is silky dogwood