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Trip Reports

2nd Annual Boardman River Downtown Cleanup W/ The Goodwill Street Outreach

 | Published on 9/26/2015
September 26. 2015
2nd Annual Boardman River Downtown Cleanup W/ The Goodwill Street Outreach
I met up with Paul this morning and he was walking my favorite puppy - Henry.

Lois told me about cheap grabbers at Ace Hardware and I got one for
Paul Ton and I made the presentation this way.
There were 11 of us but 1 of us got antsy and took off before the photo-op.
Tom from the USCG worked hard today but had fun doing it.
This new building is 10 feet from the river.  What were they thinking?
John D, just a casual traveler with the case he found, is ready for anything.
Nancy and John removed a mountain of trash today.
Jack found this bike under the Union Street Bridge.
Becky found a hard hat which she refused to wear.
Thank You Bob! for being our trash hauler today.  You made it work.
I would guess we took out about 500 pounds of trash today.
Also, a bike, suitcase and sleeping bag.
Becky will get this bike recycled for use by someone.
Becky and Ann at lunch at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
Thanks to Jaquie for cooking and serving our lunch in such a nice way.
Without any planning, we all wore the same shirt.
The BRCS wishes to thank all our volunteers for their hard work to
give back to Traverse City.
We also wish to thank the National Cherry Festival for funding this
continuing project to cleanup the downtown sections of the Boardman.
Their dedication to the well being of the river and the downtown
business district is inspirational.
A special THANK YOU goes out to the City of Traverse City:
Dept of Parks and Rec for letting us use Hannah Park to put in our boats.
Thank you Lauren Vaughn
Dept of Public Works for taking care of removal of the trash.
Thank you Dave Green.
TC Parking Authority for letting us have free parking during the event.
Thank you Nicole VanNess.
To see a 2.5 minute time lapse video of the entire project - look here:
Respectfully submitted by Norm Fred
Monday September 28, 2015
Today I was working putting boats and trailers away for the winter
when I noticed something stuck in my shoe.
PLEASE - Always wear shoes on the river or this WILL happen to your
foot someday with some pretty painful and dangerous consequences.