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Trip Reports

October 24, 2015 - Brown Bridge Tree Planting Project

 | Published on 10/24/2015
Boardman River Clean Sweep
Brown Bridge Tree Planting Project - October 24, 2015
Back in April 2015, the BRCS received a grant from the ACA / LL Bean to plant 1000 small native trees at the BB Pond area.  After discussion with that area's managers, the GTCD, we decided on a location in the upper areas of the old pond. 
As the summer progressed the GTCD got a grant to plant 22,000 small native trees in the location we had chosen.  So we got permission from the ACA to change our project to the planting of 18 large native trees in a location nearby.
To encourage volunteer participation, we made these trees available to be planted in Memory or in Honor of a loved one.    Members of the TAPC, BRCS, Audubon Club, Boy Scout Troop 105, Wells Fargo Advisers and the Bethlehem Lutheran Church participated in the project.  We had 17 volunteers in all.  Our thanks go out to the many volunteers who worked really hard to make this project happen.
The extra tree was a 400 pound White Spruce and was dedicated in gratitude for the grant assistance from the ACA and LL Bean with this project and many BRCS projects in the past.
This was by far the most difficult one-day project we have ever attempted but even with the rain, mist and wind, the project was a huge success and here are the photos of the outcome.
I had a problem uploading the photos to this report so I am going to make all the photos available to everyone for a short time.  If you want to download any of them -  do it now!
To see all the photos from this project click
Our gratitude goes out to the ACA and LL Bean for their generous grant assistance with this very difficult but very rewarding project.
A big THANK YOU goes to Reb Ratliff of the GTCD for his help and advice on this project.  He kept me from making some pretty rookie errors.
Respectfully submitted
Norm Fred