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Trip Reports

June 21, New Toilet at Shumsky Landing

 | Published on 6/21/2016
June 21, New Toilet at Shumsky Landing
For over 7 years the TAPC and BRCS have paid to place a portable toilet at Shumsky
Landing on the Boardman River.  We have lobbied hard to the DNR to get them
to place a vault toilet there and finally we just decided enough was enough.
We could not afford to pay for one any longer and I guess that was what we
should have done sooner because the toilet got placed this Spring.
Unlike the toilet at the Brown Bridge Landing, this one is owned by the DNR
and as such comes under the Use Of Public Access Rules.
Therefore, we can not place signs or any sort of graphics or logos in this toilet
but we can place amenities such as hand sanitizer, odor control devices,
and other stuff to make it nicer for everyone's use.
Today,  I placed a cabinet for extra toilet paper and a peg hanger for changing
clothes in the toilet.  I made the hanger from a piece of recycled lumber and
a broom stick and the cabinet I got at the RESTORE for 20.00.
Tracie placed a broom, dust pan, trash can, hand sanitizer, and odor control.
When I was ready to put the cabinet up, Dean, Mike and Gary arrived to help me.
Here are some photos from the toilet
We want to thank Ham Hobson of the DNR for his great work on this project and
for all the help he has given us in the past.
It's great to have a friend like Ham on our side.
Submitted by Norm Fred