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Trip Reports

July 4 Boardman from Forks to Scheck's

 | Published on 7/4/2016
People: Tracie, Jackie, her friend Sandy, Patty & Gary, Anne, Jack, Glenn, John, Lois and her former student Kelcey
Lessons learned:
1.  It's good to be on the river at 9 and off before 11; we never saw anyone else.  While we waited for the shuttle afterwards, we heard lots of rowdy folks passing by.  Also saw quite a few folks heading off to go tubing, some with inflatable easy chairs.  That must have been fun going under trees and through narrow slots.  I think we will have to do a cleanup there soon.
2.  Follow the TAPC driving directions; they are better than Google maps
3.  Come early
4.  Take your car keys with you in the boat, especially if you are supposed to be the one who takes the drivers back
5.  When you hop out of your boat to teach someone how to do a back-ferry, make sure you are not getting out in a mud hole
6.  After one of your Keen sandals gets sucked off your foot, keep your foot on it.  We were so glad we had ropes tied to the boats to extricate the aforementioned shoe!
7.  Even if you are running late, make sure everyone has car keys.  And that you have your hat, which you will need once you are out of the shade and paddling in bright sunshine.
8.  Lean downstream!
Extra-special thanks to Tracie for tutoring a couple of the novice paddlers in the group, and to Glenn for serving as sweep.
And extra-extra special thanks to Jackie (and Bella) who managed to get seven people inside the car for the return trip.
Some of us had lunch afterwards at Bob Evans - a good time was had by all!
Narrative by Lois, photos by Glenn and John
In order to get seven people in a Subaru, we had to put Bella's crate on the trailer (but not Bella!
John in his solo canoe, with Lois' visor and bandanna as headgear
Kelcey grew up in TC, lives in San Francisco now - her first Boardman trip ever
Lois in her solo canoe
Three for one: Sandy, Jackie and Tracie