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Trip Reports

August 31 Sturgeon River

 | Published on 8/31/2016
Trip report by Terry, Linda P, Tracie and Jackie
Photos by John

We began with 4 Sturgeon Virgins and 4 Sturgeon River Tramps

 Terry, Linda, Babs & Greg plus Jackie, Tracie, John & Lois

*Eight kayaks/ Eight spray skirts

*Lunch at Rondo Bridge

* One sunken tandem kayak (a rental boat) pinned underneath a log jam - the occupants on shore stated they were nurses, so they were OK.

* Terry went out with Eddy all day but broke it off by the end of the trip

*Linda re-named the river "Eddy Spaghetti"

*John thoroughly cleaned out the inside of his kayak while demonstrating leaning into an obstacle.  He said "6 inches of water" but it could've been less.

*Babs and Greg enjoyed their new play boats and modeled some very spiffy neoprene spray skirts.

*Tracie learned not to let your attention lapse for even a split second.  And a good spray skirt, along with a strong hip snap can save your bacon. 

* Jackie learn NEVER take your glasses off and leave them on your boat while moving it. They fall off and you have to go on a glasses hunt after kayaking all day. (But they were found) 

*Lois helping all the "Sturgeon Virgins" through many tangles of twists and log jams... 

* All in all, fun by all and now Just 8 RIVER TRAMPS

 We all survived the Sturgeon River!