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Trip Reports

Sep 3 Manistee River 612-72

 | Published on 9/3/2016

For a new take on a trip report, I asked each participant to give me one sentence that described their experience on the river that day. Much like a roaming reporter during a newsworthy event questioning the bystanders & onlookers their opinions.


Jackie A. - Started out cold but ended up great as always. 


Lindy B.- YAY!!!  :D  612 access to M72 on the Manistee was a joy - gorgeous weather, great companions, fun paddle, super exercise, fresh air, and for a change, I didn’t run into anything - I’m in love with all this :D


Doug B. - Zen like river experience, a relaxing paddle (peace, quiet and tranquility for the first 97.2% of the trip then Labor Day Reality struck), excellent restaurant, “scratch made” corned beef hash at Shirley’s topped off the day for me with our congenial group, thank you Tracie and Jackie.


Bob F. - It's hard to beat a cool, clear, quiet, early morning on the river.


Susan S - Very early one misty morn


we sought the "put-in" forlorn


all was calculated to the minute....


with exceptions, as always, thrown in it


which fork should we take - keep together,


and do you need a break....


We missed the tubers by a half mile


and lunched together with a smile.


Linnaea- "Poor planning led to the possibility of chilly toes in the morning, but was averted through Jackie's generous lending of water shoes--and Mark helped drag this same kayaker through a particularly shallow channel, so for at least this one (and, I'm guessing, most everyone else) a delightful time was had once again!"


Mark S. - It was an easy paddle on the Manistee River and not too long.  The river was wide with a sandy bottom.  Nobody tipped over and no one has in the seven trips I have been on since I joined on Memorial Day weekend.  It was cold at first, but it warmed up soon.  We had a great lunch at Shirley’s in the Woods (5 miles towards Kalkaska from the take out) afterwards.



As you can see there are all sorts of interpretations of that simple request. Next time you're stumped for ideas of what to write, you may try this method, too!


Written by all the trip registrants


Commentary by Tracie