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Trip Reports

September 12 Sturgeon River

 | Published on 9/12/2016
Monday morning, September 12th, we rendezvoused for another run on the Sturgeon River.
Leaders: John and Lois plus River Rats, Babs & Greg and a new virgin for sacrifice, Linnaea. The river did its best to get her wet, but with the help of John's splash deck, she stayed dry.

Rainy weather had brought the river level up and it was running fast.  There were stronger eddies and the stream had us wondering if around the next curve, there would be downed trees. Only one needed to be trimmed -thanks John.

Sunshine at the put-in made for a warmer day than expected.

Play boats come alive in the many wave trains: surfing the bigger stackings, providing powerful peel-outs and bigger smiles.

We lunched at Rondo Bridge and had a surprise.  Babs brought out sliced watermelon (from "her farmer") to share with everyone. ...Sweet!

I heard that there were eagle sightings... does it count if there are no photos to back up these claims??  ...just sayin'

We rode the river hard and had a great day! 
Report by Greg Camplin; photos by John
An example of new obstacles in the river