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Trip Reports

Sept 17 Downtown Cleanup - Boardman River

 | Published on 9/17/2016
Downtown Cleanup - Boardman River
September 17, 2016
We did it again with rain in the forecast but it stopped raining before we got on the
river and the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day.
We found the usual stuff and more like here that Jocelyn worked on.
GOOD JOB!!  Jocelyn
USCG Specialist - Tom Davis used our new BRCS kayak for the first time.
Jackie had a ball finding everything that we missed.
Terry is happy to be past the Weir.
Max patiently waiting for Jocelyn to complete the portage.
The most valuable member of our crew - Bob M - who made it a snap to do this project.
Wild life in the downtown section.
Here's the total haul piled at the Hannah Park awaiting removal by the City.
Then we ate at Rounds.
After that, I went out to the N Br of the BR and got 4 mattresses,  1 box spring,
one tent, one sleeping bag and 2 bags of trash that had been left at a
campground on Broomhead Rd.  Some campers helped me carry it all out.
Thank you to the volunteers who came out to help.
Thank you to the City Parks and Rec Dept and the TC-DPW for disposal of the trash.
Thank you to the TC Parking Department for our free parking spaces.
Thank you to the campers who helped carry the heavy mattresses out of the woods.
Respectfully submitted:
Norm Fred