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Trip Reports

Sep 18 Jordan River

 | Published on 9/18/2016
    I usually write the trip report as an overall view in third person, but not this time, it was too much to stay objective. Thank you so much to all who attended, Steve S, Bob F, Jocelyn (Max), Ann R, Harold, Pam, Jackie (Bella), Terry, Roseanne, & Henry.
    As the Beetles' song goes: "I get by with a little help from my friends", although today it took a whole heaping bunch of help from all my friends to make the paddle on the Jordan not just great...... but possible for me. It was a messed up day from the beginning.
    I got a later start than I wanted, hit every red light on the way to meet up with Jackie & Terry to carpool, there was a ton of traffic, seems everybody skipped church & was out for a Sunday drive, Egads!
    Then the gear & equipement blunders began, could only find one paddle glove, Jackie let me borrow her extra set. Then after swearing I got all my stuff unloaded from her car at the put in, I went to launch & discovered my paddle was not tucked up in the bow of my kayak afterall, Harold was smart enough to have a second one that he kindly loaned me which was much lighter than my own to boot. I had planned on doing our own shuttle, but Henry generously offered to pony up the cash for Don's Hideaway to bring the drivers back. The club will reimburse him.
    The journey down the river went well. We had a short break after shooting the tubes at Old State Rd, a longer one at Webster Bridge and were able to stay spaced out between two other groups so we didn't feel crowded, staying out of each others' way.
    After loading up boats & gear, our group headed over to Short's for dinner, it was then I discovered I had left my wallet in my car at Jackie's house. She offered to pick up my tab, but Roseanne jumped in with a request to pay for my dinner since I had repaired a couple sweaters for her.
    So you see how a horrible day can be salvaged by your dear friends, I'm so lucky to have such super people as my friends, each & every one met through the paddle club! Thank you so much to all of you, your kindness made me feel so valued & loved.
     If you helped me out in any way & I forgot to mention you specifically, please know that I am writing this a couple days later, (with a terrible memory, thanks for your understanding) but surely did appreciate it at the time.
Here's hoping I didn't scare anyone off from another trip with me as host!
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