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Trip Reports

September 17 Perfect Paddle on the S. Branch AuSable

Susan Wilgus  | Published on 9/17/2021
Perfect Paddle on the S. Branch AuSable

by Susan Wilgus

Members Present: Wayne Anderson, Lois Goldstein, John Heiam, Paul Marcussen, Linnaea Melcarek, Marlene Puska, Mike Rodenberg, Jocelyn Trepte, Gerald Wilgus, Susan Wilgus.

The warm weather could not have been better for paddling this lovely river, and the water level cooperated by covering all the gravel bars sufficiently to avoid any scraping - especially important for the maiden voyage of Paul's brand new sapphire blue Eddyline Skylark. A beautiful breeze kept everyone refreshed. Even the occasional fishermen were enjoying themselves too much to be anything but friendly as we passed. Some of us got to watch one land a handsome brown trout! Other wildlife glimpsed included 2 swimming snakes (garter and northern water), an osprey soaring high, 2 turkey vultures swooping low, and many ducks. September is a glorious month to paddle in northern Michigan!

Photos by Jocelyn and John H

Wayne models his new paddle club shirt. He claims it added a couple of knots to his speed.

Lois and some first signs of fall colors

Gerald and his new Dagger Stratos


Lois and Paul in his new Eddyline Skylark

More fall colors

Cardinal Flower and Winterberry aka Michigan Holly